What’s wrong with internet video? What’s right with internet video? You’re about to find out.

Chronic Video is different from Viral Video. Viral Video you catch once and then are done with. Chronic Video you come back to, again and again and again. Viral Video is where web entertainment is now. Chronic Video is where web entertainment is tomorrow. You heard it here first.


Thom Woodley is a writer, filmmaker and web video pioneer headquartered in Brooklyn. With his partners he helped usher in the web video revolution with the launch of the hipster comedy The Burg, one of the first scripted and professionally produced web series. That was followed by The All-For-Nots, a docudramedy about an indie rock band on tour, executive produced by Michael Eisner. And that was followed by the multiple-nominated comedy All’s Faire and work with the popular series Greg and Donny and The Temp Life. His company Dinosaur Diorama has become one of the top online production companies (according to the Hollywood Reporter). He is a multiple Webby, Streamy, and Writer’s Guild Award nominee, and has won dozens of advertising awards, including the Cannes Lion, Oneshow Pencil, Radio Mercury and Gold Effie, for his work as the writer behind Dos Equis’ The Most Interesting Man in the World campaign. He is passionate about the internet in general and net neutrality in particular.


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